"She was always smiling from the way he made her feel. He was hot, dark and steamy He made her life have meaning. She couldn't live without him. And she didn't want to.."

Coffee. He was coffee.

~Dyesika V.~

Name : J. Verdin
Phone : +639 156 271 026
Email : Jessica.Verdin.399@facebook.com
Address : Bgy. Sta. Monica Puerto Princesa City
Facebook : Jessica Lagrada Verdin


My friends, the thick and thins.

Friendship without bullying is boring.

  • Ellen

    BTS Ellen Mae Dejarme of RioTuba, Bataraza, Palawan.

  • Sar C

    Anime Xyrxee Feby Manglio of Bono-bono, Bataraza, Palawan.

  • Angel

    Hailee Angelica Babiera of Roxas, Palawan.

  • Jep

    Ghost Rider2 Jeffrey Tawtawan of Calategas, Narra, Palawan.

  • Nelsown

    Skateboarder Nelson John Macawili of Bancao-bancao, Puerto Princesa City.

  • Vincent

    Ghost Rider1 John Vincent Rios of San Jose, Puerto Princesa City


These were the things that I love to and will always do.

We may be different in this aspect but at least I hope you'll enjoy viewing it.


The following were one of the reasons why my life is worth enjoying for.

  • Taylor Swift

    You can have love all around you without being in love, and find romance in your everyday life without being in a romantic relationship. That can be just as fulfilling .

  • Niall Horan

    There ain't no stopping your plans and those slow hands .

  • Harry Styles

    Who's that shadow holding you close now and talking 'bout your eyes?

  • One Direction

    We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen.

  • The Vamps

    We've been up all night no sleep 'cause we feel like we're always dreaming..

  • MGK

    What is love? Love is pain.


These were the skills that only me, myself and I knows.

Can dance.
Can sing.
Can think.
Can bully.
Can talk non-sense non-stop.


From the long journey of my learning, I have learned that, as of today, "school" now is not about learning. It's all about passing.

  • 2002 - 2004


    Day Care Center

    Day Care Center is where my first attendance in school happened. From this, I have learned the fundamentals of learning. Writing, reading, counting, listening, singing, storytelling , GMRC and many others.

  • 2004- 2010



    Continuing my learning I've got from my childhood days. I can say that elementary days is furnishing the fundamentals from the past. While we begin to touch the reality of life.

  • 2010- 2014



    Another step of my journey. At INHS, I have experienced the "struggle is real" life. There may be good times and bad times. Though struggle has come on me in this stage, I still can't deny the fact that high school life was one of the best among the bests.

  • 2014-NOW



    The last journey of learning but the start of new life after. College days test how strong you can be after the struggle that you or you might encounter along your road. It may show you who you are, what you can do to yourself as well as to other people around you.

A POEM of Mine:)

These were just some of the shout outs of my heart :)




I'm trying to be cool, I'm trying to be fun.
I'm trying to be happy knowing that you're gone.
But the more I try to escape the reality.
Without you, there was still a missing piece of me.



So many..

So many things that I wanted to say
So many pretendings to stay the same way
So many signs that my attention wants to pay
So many ignorings to not fall on you day by day



I want to...

I want to forget those sweet conversations
I want to forget on how we build our foundation
If you can't ever catch me, please help me for a while
Help me not to fall when you're doing that sweet smile



The beep...

With every beep of my phone the message was from you
I almost memorize the messages that yo do
I can also calculate the time that you'll text me
But past won't happen again it never will be




Why does happy moments ended so fast?
And why does heartaches always seems won't last?
Why can't we just be happy and let heartbreaks fade away?
Why does heartaches now deserves more to stay?



Good things starts to happen
Good memories starts to worth my waiting
But how can I manage this crucial beginning?
When in order to be with you, there's one soul that has to be in pain.


In case of communication.